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Celebrate the progress you have made this year

| Health and Wellness | No Comments
I’m a big believer in checking in with yourself to see how you’re progressing toward a goal – and in celebrating milestones along the way.   And this is a…

How to find out what motivates you

| Health and Wellness | No Comments
People often ask me about motivation – how to find it so they can take action even when they don’t feel like doing anything healthy.   Turns out I have…

Drop the all or nothing mindset

| Health and Wellness | No Comments
People often tell me they would love to start exercising but they just don’t have the time. Many follow that up with another common, false assumption. They have this crazy…

How your mind affects what your body can do

| Health and Wellness, Pilates | No Comments
In building healthy habits, it’s natural to focus on physical aspects, like what you eat and how much you exercise.   But don’t forget about how important your thoughts are.…