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How to eliminate excuses.

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When we were kids, we could find excuses for anything, right? For not going to bed on time. For fighting with siblings. For not getting homework done. As adults, we’ve…

Do you follow through on everything?

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Do you always do EVERYTHING you say you’ll do regarding your health? Every meal, every workout? Or are you – you know – HUMAN? I’m one of those imperfect people…

Renew your commitment to your lifestyle goals

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Since spring is all about renewal and celebrating life, let’s take a cue from nature and refresh our commitment to balanced living. It’s just part of the smart, steady reassessment…

Easy ways to get in more daily movement.

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Want to know a secret about fitness? You don’t have to do all your exercise in a gym. It’s true! The fact is this: We can easily get more movement throughout…