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Check progress on 2024 commitments

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You probably know that studies show most new year commitments don’t last much into February.   I think a big reason for that is that we often choose a commitment…

Mindful eating for emotional wellness

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You’ve heard the expression, “Don’t eat your feelings,” haven’t you?   Well, it’s really good advice – largely because it’s so easy for so many people to do just that!…

There’s more to self-care than taking it easy

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  Self-care is more than just pampering; it's a holistic journey toward well-being that goes beyond pedicures and bubble baths. Let's explore relaxation techniques and mindful exercises to enrich your…

Winter wellness tips

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As you navigate the challenges of winter, remember it’s crucial to prioritize your emotional and mental well-being. It might take more focused energy to resist the urge to cocoon endlessly,…