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Spring is a great time for self-reflection, to re-assess your beliefs, eliminate what no longer works, and start rewriting the future to suit your desires. Let’s take a deep breath of fresh, spring air and dive in.


  1. Go for a walk, meditate, or write in your journal about what’s important to you now … What’s weighing on you or causing you to struggle? What brings you joy? What are you anticipating? Some answers might pop up quickly, but others might need some time, so don’t rush.
  2. Next, have a good talk with a partner or friend – not seeking advice or help, just checking in. Not judging yourself or asking to be judged, just sharing. If you speak freely, you might be enlightened by what you say.
  3. Think about which of your beliefs, habits and relationships are still serving you… and which are not. We all change; it’s essential to life. Sometimes we notice it, but sometimes we don’t. So, take this moment to pay attention to yourself.


  • If you’re not climbing the career ladder as intensely as you used to, and working 60 hours a week leaves you wanting something else out of life, then change how you think about work.
  •  If trying to do everything for everyone leaves you feeling frazzled, then it’s time to establish priorities.
  • And if a friend only brings you down, let it go.


  1. Consider any limiting self-beliefs, new or old. We all have them, and we have to stay vigilant to keep them at bay.


If you think you’re not “good enough” or don’t deserve health and happiness, think back about where those ideas came from… acknowledge to yourself that you, in fact, are totally good enough and deserve all the good stuff in life… and tell that inner voice to hush up and go away. It might not work the first time, but keep trying. Rise above the lies you hear in your head.


Here’s a tip: If a persistent limiting self-belief needs an extra nudge, then write it out on a piece of paper and set that sucker on fire… Let the smoke carry all that baggage away!


  1. Reframe new thoughts with fresh, positive affirmations, regular expressions of gratitude, and self-kindness. Talk to yourself with the loving support you offer a friend.


This could lead to reexamining not just old beliefs but also how they emerge in old stories you tell about yourself. If so, replace them with new stories that please you. Be the writer, editor, critic, and reader of these stories. They are for you and no one else.


People have been telling stories since the cave – partly to bring order and beauty to the random chaos of life. We all do the same in our heads.


Own your story now.


  1. Finally, take a look ahead. This gets back to that walk or meditation when you thought about challenges you’re facing, or key dates you’re anticipating. Use this glance into the future to support your vision.


If you’re up for a promotion, affirm to yourself daily that you deserve it, that you’re doing what’s necessary to get it, and write the story that sees you victorious.


If you’re hoping to learn better diet and exercise habits, then craft the thoughts and statements that will get you where you want to go. Write the story of you winning. There is no other story now.