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Do you want to try some classes? Are you new to Pilates or looking for a more in depth approach to using equipment you already have at home? We have good news! To The Core Pilates Studio is now offering online courses and workshops! Learn from us from the comfort of home.

Courses & Workshops

Pilates Foundations

Perfect for beginners and for those new to Pilates. This course will teach you the basic principles of Pilates and increase your body awareness. Learn progressions for the basic exercises and practice them in the workouts! lsakdjflkajsdasdfasdfasdfasdf
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Foam Roller Workshop

This workshop will demonstrate a full and detailed workout for using your foam roller at home. Including exercises, release techniques and self massage. A detailed pdf manual of the exercises will be included. Rollers available to purchase at the studio.
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Pelvic Floor Workshop

The pelvic floor anticipates, coordinates and activates with every movement in the body and every breath you take. Learn activation techniques, exercises and how to incorporate your abdominals for better connection and stability. Great for pre and post-partum moms!
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Basic Principles: Breathing

"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness." ~ Joe Pilates