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This might be the most important question I ask anyone who tells me she’s trying to improve her health:




Sometimes I have to ask the question a few times before finally getting down to the real, core motivation. It can feel intrusive, uncomfortable, maybe even painful to examine your desires so deeply. But it’s essential to getting you where you want to be.


In every fitness journey there are moments of frustration, boredom, and “I just don’t want to” feelings that can derail you if you’re not prepared for them.


And when those moments come, the best weapon against them is a strong WHY that you can recall easily and often.


So, let me ask, why do you want to be healthier?


  • For your kids, so you can do more things with them as they get older?
  • For an event, so you can dance up a storm at your sister’s wedding?
  • Because you want to get off your prescriptions?


It can be as simple as that, although I have found that we all have deeper motivations that go beyond our first thoughts.


The more you examine your desires and motivations, the more you’ll end up with a lasting, powerful WHY that will endure and continue to serve you.


But whether you’re pursuing a short-term goal or trying to establish lifelong habits, any powerful WHY can be enough to drive your through sluggish days or busy schedules.


When the couch is calling your name, remember WHY you want to move more and eat well. Call up that reason and put it up against that seductive call of laziness …or the temptations of unhealthy eating…


It’ll keep you focused on what really matters to you – even when it’s something that takes discipline and determination.


You got this!