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What do you keep doing, even though it keeps preventing you from succeeding?

I’m talking about the biggest barrier to your success that you not only built but also maintain by consistent behavior that contradicts all the other effort you’re making.

  • Is it drinking wine at night?
  • Staying up too late watching Netflix?
  • Eating fast food after you leave the gym?

This month, I’d like you to focus on conquering That Thing so you can make big strides to your desired destination.

First, identify That Thing. This might not be too hard. I bet you already know what it is. But if you need to think about it, then look for any consistent behaviors that hinder your productivity and wellbeing. Don’t beat yourself up needlessly; just examine your consistent actions.


Second, consider the impact it’s having on your life. What’s it doing to your relationships, your healthy habits, or your productivity – your emotional wellbeing? You’re looking for consequences here. Let’s say your barrier is procrastination. Maybe a consequence is that your electricity gets turned off because you didn’t pay your bill.

Third, change your mindset. This can take time, but sometimes it’s simpler than you might fear. Ask yourself if you’d rather have the pleasure of a glass of wine, or the relief of waking up with a clear head the next day. Simple choice. Come back to it every time you’re tempted to take the route of instant gratification.

Fourth, write it down. Enter all your time commitments on a calendar. Note when bills are due. Keep to-do lists, and check items off as you proceed. Similarly, enter workouts into your calendar; make a healthy-groceries shopping list; plan meals for the week; set a sleep schedule. This helps because a lot of common barriers are rooted in a lack of time management and prioritizing.

Fifth, track your progress. Every time you intentionally stick with a positive behavior – or deliberately avoid committing a negative behavior – record it. This record will keep you on track on those days when you feel frustrated or disoriented, and you’ll see how well you’re actually making progress.

The point of all this is to remove barriers to your success – and to even turn them into steppingstones that will help you reach your goals. It just takes some self-awareness, determination, and a plan to modify behavior.

Believe in yourself. I know you can do it!