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Everything you do is an investment in your future.


The classic example is: If you save money, you might be initially inconvenienced, but you will be rewarded later with more money to spend in retirement or on a big goal like a down payment for a home.


It’s the same thing with your health!


Every step you take – even those that might involve some initial cost or delayed gratification – will pay off many times over later in life.


And not making those investments in your health? Well, that could come at a great cost. Maybe even the biggest of your life.


You know, “I can’t afford it” is the No. 1 excuse people make to avoid exercise. But most of them don’t think twice about “affording” things like:


  • A $5 coffee every morning
  • $100 for TV streaming services every month
  • Or charging clothes on a credit card and paying for it over many months, with interest


Studies show that failing to invest in health now can result in expensive problems later, such as:

  • More prescriptions
  • More out-of-pocket healthcare costs
  • More sick days and lost productivity
  • Less mobility and independence
  • Chronic health disorders


We could go on.


It’s easy to think of “spending money” on something you don’t need. But it’s so much more useful to see health and fitness as a necessary investment that will save you money in the long run.


Remember, you get nothing back from spending on something like Netflix.


You get SO MUCH back from an investment – like your health and fitness.