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People often tell me they would love to start exercising but they just don’t have the time. Many follow that up with another common, false assumption.

They have this crazy idea that fitness requires 24/7 dedication – and if you can’t do everything all the time, then why even bother? This somehow becomes justification for not even trying.

But here’s the good news: You don’t have to spend endless hours working out in order to move and feel better.

And here’s the better news: Even 5 minutes is better than none.

That’s right. Studies have shown that people receive serious health benefits from even just a little exercise. Sure, more is, generally, better. But here’s the deal: Even little bursts of activity “count.” They add up. And they make you more likely to keep moving, which then leads to all sorts of improved behaviors.

It’s a powerful cycle, and you can start it with just a little bit of effort. You can add to it with just a little bit more. It’s amazing how quickly it builds up, even doing simple things like:

  • Taking the stairs instead of the escalator
  • Parking farther from stores so you take more steps
  • Working out for a few minutes when you don’t have an hour for the gym

The “all or nothing” approach might give serious athletes an extra burst of inspiration. But it can do a lot of harm to the rest of us trying to move with purpose every day, eat a little better, and manage our stress.

Life is hard enough without adding nonsense mandates!

Something is always better than nothing – and I know you’ve got more than just “something” inside you!

“I know what to do… but I have a hard time staying consistent.”

When life gets crazy and responsibilities at home and work pile one on top of the other, it’s easy to let our health and fitness slip. The years go by and we don’t even realize how much our health has declined.

But for most of us, there comes a time when we realize things must change. A time when gaining control over our body takes on new urgency.

For some, it’s a scary health diagnosis. For others it’s watching a loved one struggle with their own health problems. And for others still, it’s when they finally realize they’ve spent so many years taking care of others, that they neglected to take care of themselves.

When it’s time to turn things around and start a new health and fitness program, however, it can be difficult to know what to do next. And staying motivated is hard — especially if you try to do it all on your own.

That’s where I come in.

My goal is to help you feel energetic and fabulous and stay that way. Starting now.

This is where Healing Inside Out Comes in. Follow the link to learn more..