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Funny how we know we’re not supposed to lie to others but often have no qualms lying to ourselves about ourselves.


These are the lies that often keep us from getting what we really want.


See if you relate to any of these well-known, widely-sung anthems of Self-Saboteurs.


  1. “I’ll Start Tomorrow.” We’ve all belted out this anthem of procrastination. But tomorrow has a way of morphing into “forever,” so be careful. No more than two of these in a row, please.
  2. “Not Good Enough (Version 1)” This one comes backed with a full string section of sympathy. But remember: You are totally good enough to work for what you want and to deserve success. If you’re not good enough YET at a specific skill, then keep practicing!
  3. “Not Good Enough (Version 2)” This one is subtitled “I Don’t Deserve It.” It’s not about skills as much as self-esteem and self-perpetuating fear. And here’s the deal: You DO deserve it, whatever IT is – success, love, a healthy lifestyle… Train yourself to tune out that inner voice of doubt.
  4. “Time, Time… I Don’t Have the Time.” Uhm, yes. You do. Period. Did you binge any mindless “Netflix” this week? Scroll through social media for (oops) an hour today? See.
  5. “It’s Too Late.” I have retired clients who are working hard at the gym every day, and if it’s not “too late” for them to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, then you, my friend, have all the time in the world.
  6. “I’m Busy Helping Others.” Don’t sing the martyr’s blues. I mean, it’s nice that you have obligations, but I believe that’s called, you know, BEING AN ADULT. Remember, taking care of yourself must be Job No. 1, or you won’t be any good to anyone else.
  7. “I’m Just Not Good at That Kind of Thing.” Here’s another classic self-lie, often stemming from childhood. Maybe you tried something once at age 8 and didn’t immediately succeed. Is that what’s holding you back now as a full-grown, fabulous adult?
  8. “Winging It.” Improvisation has its place, but it’s no strategy to succeed at anything in the long term. If you want to develop healthy habits, or succeed at anything, then you need a plan and a commitment to it.


Look, you’re not alone in knowing some of these classics. Others wrote and recorded them, while the rest of have memorized the words and the dance steps.


Write your own new songs and start living your best life now. Reply to this email for help. I got your back!