Which of these ways to spend a typical evening sounds easy, and which sounds hard?


  1. You could go home after work and enjoy pizza and Netflix, or


  1. You could exercise and then eat a healthy dinner.


Well…trick question, right? 


You’re SUPPOSED to say the first one sounds easier than the second one. And, in an “immediate gratification” kind of way, you’d be right. But we all know that there is NO EASY WAY. Every choice we make in life comes with some kind of cost. It just comes down to what you want to sacrifice for the “easy” way.


Look, getting healthy is hard for people. I get it. You have to set new priorities and follow through on actions to support them. That might include not eating whatever you want or doing whatever feels best right now. It might mean learning new eating and spending habits. All can be hard.


But being unhealthy is even harder. Over time, it brings problems that far outweigh taking it “easy” through life. Over time, if you’re not eating right and exercising regularly, you’re more likely to have health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. You’ll become less able to do the things in life you enjoy. Your health care costs will steadily rise. And you’ll have missed out on all those countless opportunities to simply FEEL better that come from healthy living.


So, it’s the “hard” path for me – health and happiness. Join me?