Compared to the majority of people who have ever lived, we enjoy unimaginable comforts.


Plenty of food.


No wild animals trying to turn us into their own dinner.


Medical care that improves our health and extends our lives.


The list goes on and on. So, we should be happy, right?


Well, it’s not so simple. In recent years, people in First World countries (not just the United States) report struggling to be happy more than ever. Maybe it’s the stress of modern living, fears about the future, or some shift in our evolution.


We can’t say why millions of people are unhappy, of course. But we can offer a few tips on cultivating happiness in your own life.


  • Practice gratitude. It’s hard to be miserable when you realize your many fortunes.
  • Give your time and compassion to another person, even someone you don’t know. It’s not just good for them. It’s good for YOU.
  • Forgive people who’ve hurt you.
  • Stop comparing your INSIDES to someone else’s OUTSIDES.


These have helped me throughout life. What works for you?