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Spring is a time of renewal, a time to clean and reorganize, and a time to feel reenergized by the sunshine and hope for brighter days.


All of that makes it an ideal time to focus on self-care strategies that will guide you through the next few months and position you perfectly for summer.


First, think about this:


  • How are you feeling in your life right now?
  • About your healthy habits and about your self-care?
  • Are you more in need of a rebirth, like annual flowers emerging again? Or do you need to clean out the cupboards and restock with fresh supplies? Maybe you need to absorb the life-giving powers of being outdoors to recharge your batteries.


Second, spend some time with your journal, giving an honest assessment of how you’re feeling – where are you strong, where do you need support? What do you see, need or desire?


  • Avoid judging yourself for any of this.
  • Silence your inner saboteur, the one who’s always taking you down a notch for daring to imaging how spectacular you’re making your life.
  • Look to nature – to the sun, to the fresh air, to enjoying outdoor activities that make you feel good about life and yourself.


Third, decide on behavior changes you need to make that will support you in all of this. For example, can you set goals around what you’ll do to practice self-care on a daily or weekly basis? Think about these kinds of things.


  • Spend a little more time outside – pickleball, walking the dog, or working in the yard and garden
  • Wake up 15 minutes early to meditate and practice light movements
  • Make sure all your regular visits are on the calendar for spring – eye doctor, dentist, therapist, etc.
  • Always be reading a book


Self-care is about attitude and action. It’s about what you say to yourself and how you treat yourself. How can you use the opportunities of the season to renew your commitment to taking care of yourself?


It’s job No. 1, this time of year and always.