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How to bring more happiness into your life and why it’s important


Everybody says they want to be happy. It’s even in the Constitution as one of the “self-evident” truths the Founders enshrined.


But did you know there’s now a global holiday to promote happiness? Yep, it’s called the International Day of Happiness and it’s sponsored by the United Nations every March 20.


Modern living can wear us down emotionally, physically and spiritually – and this is true everywhere, not just in our country. Being happier helps us as individuals and it also strengthens our connections to each other.


Here are 10 ways the day’s organizers suggest bringing more happiness into your life.


  1. Do kind things for others.
  2. Connect with people.
  3. Take care of your body.
  4. Live life mindfully.
  5. Trying out. Keep learning new things.
  6. Have goals to look forward to.
  7. Find ways to bounce back.
  8. Look for what’s good.
  9. Be comfortable with who you are.
  10. Be part of something bigger.


For me and countless others, living a healthy lifestyle is a sure way to increase opportunities to do all of these and more. When you exercise regularly, eat well, and practice self-care, you’re more able to care for and relate to others, to remain curious and open-minded, and to love yourself for who you really are.


So, come on with us and get happy!