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I love spring, and I am committed to using spring as an opportunity to declutter, reassess, and set new priorities.


But I apply my  “spring cleaning” principles to movement as well as housework! It works great for me, so let me share these simple tips with you, too. They’ll help you tighten up your own spring movement routine, tossing this, keeping that, and making something else just a little bit better. Let’s go!


  1. Take an inventory of what you’re doing – just like Dad might’ve done with the boxes in the basement! How are you moving these days? How many times a week? How intensely?
  2. How do you feel about it – emotionally, as well as physically? What’s fun and what’s drudgery? What makes you feel energized and what makes you feel like you never want to do that again? What’s getting you closer to your goals? What’s just filling up the junk drawer?
  3. Activities that both bring you pleasure and bring you closer to your goals are ones you want to keep and build on. Any that aren’t helping in either of those ways? They go in the recycling bin.
  4. The rest are activities that you might enjoy but aren’t necessarily so effective – or things that are accelerating your progress but don’t make you smile. HERE is where you can spend a little effort to adjust, remembering that this is all about seeking a balance.
  5. Maybe you want to keep doing exactly what you’re doing, or maybe you discover some areas to change. That’s OK, too. In fact, it can be just as helpful to your peace of mind and planning.
  6. Once you decide, take action! Throw out anything you don’t need anymore, cancel any services that aren’t relevant. Tidy up your closets, so to speak! Take old clothes and equipment to charitable stores. Sign up for new classes, sessions, or activities. Treat yourself to some new apparel to match your plans.
  7. Step outside and feel the sun on your face! Spring is here, and you are ready to meet it with your renewed and refreshed workout regimen.


It all comes down to checking in with your goals and progress, evaluating them against what’s effective and what isn’t, and modifying your behavior to get you the results you want and deserve.


You know – renewal!