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It might not feel like spring quite yet, but believe me – warmer days will be here before you know it. So, we are definitely at the right point on the calendar for making seasonal workout plans for spring.


Let’s discuss what you should know, consider, and think about.


  1. What’s your motivation? Are you trying to jump-start your movement routine or wanting to shake things up in your already-strong efforts? Are you working on creating consistency each week and increasing your movment or perhaps adding some extra challenge?
  2. Embrace the season. Maybe springtime is prime time for your favorite outdoor activities. Or maybe it’ll just be nice to get outside and walk the dog in warmer temperatures. Either way, dive in and enjoy the outdoors in new ways. Can you go and enjoy some pickleball or tennis at the park? Join a softball team? Plan your garden renovations? Have fun with it!
  3. Consider hiring a trainer. If you’re feeling stuck or craving guidance on your movement journey, consider doing some private sessions or hiring a personal trainer. It’s a great way to bring fresh perspectives, get tailored workouts, and be held accountable. Let’s explore this option together and see how it can elevate your movement experience.
  4. Make a plan and track your progress. Go back to No. 1 on this list: What’s your main motivation for this time period? Let that drive your plan – what do your movement sessions look like? How frequent? How much variety will you need? Track your progress, remember to rest and enjoy yourself, and pat yourself on the back when you hit a mini-goal or milestone.
  5. Smile! Let the power of spring give an extra pep to your step. Look up at the sun and smile. Even if it’s cloudy and you’re in a lazy mood. Seriously!


Springtime is, of course, a time of renewal and transition. So, pause to look back, tweak your goals, and head into sunnier days with extra swagger in your step.


Let’s get you going for your sunniest season yet.