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If you’re a college basketball fan, then you are in heaven right now amid March Madness.


If you’re not a college basketball fan, well… let’s just say you must accept its effect on the devoted followers and resign yourself to this one fact: They will be watching a lot of TV.


But that doesn’t have to mean mind mindless, endless munching on the couch, ordering pizzas and grabbing chips.


Here are some tips for mindful, healthy and fun eating while you get your game on, all the way to the Final Four.


  1. What’s your game plan? Decide on the schedule of the games you want – or NEED – to see. Which are important to others in the household? Friends? Any party night on your agenda?
  2. Meal prep like a champ. Then make a meal plan around that schedule. Make a list of items you need to prepare snacks and meals, do the shopping, and prepare as many meals in advance as possible. Otherwise, you’ll end up having to punt (pardon the mixed-sports metaphor!) and rely on whatever’s handy or available through fast delivery.
  3. Raise your snacking game. Snacks are key for serious sports fans. So, step up your game! Your days of corn chips and cheese slices are way behind you. If people are coming over, let them know what they can bring: good, wholesome treats like nuts and veggie sticks, for example.
  4. Order well. Gather some takeout menus to keep handy, and make sure they’re for better options than the dorm-night pizzas you might remember.
  5. Stay hydrated. Make sure you have plenty of water, sparkling water, and tea on hand so you don’t end up gulping down too many beers. Remember, March Madness involves a lot of games, so pace yourself!


March Madness doesn’t have to become a free for all – regret only happens if your teams don’t do well, but there’s really nothing to be done about that!