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Today is Halloweens , so it’s the perfect time to talk about fear – specifically, how it might be affecting your movement journey.


Are you finding that fear is holding you back from pursuing your movement goals? If the answer is yes, then please know that you’re not alone!


Fear is a universal emotion, and it can be paralyzing at times. After all, the recent pandemic kept us all isolated for a long time, which may have only heightened our anxieties. If you’re still hesitating to take that first step, I completely understand. But let’s work together to move past that hesitation, and remember this:


  • Lots of people feel worried about “fitting in” someplace where it seems “everyone” is already in good condition and knows what they’re doing.
  • Some people might be scared they’ll fail at changing eating habits or get hurt exercising.
  • Maybe you’re intimidated by the thought of trying something new.


Instead of viewing fear as a roadblock, let’s reframe it as “F.E.A.R.” – False Evidence Appearing Real. The truth is:


  • NOT “everyone” is in better shape and more confident than you.
  • You’re NOT bound to fail or get hurt.
  • It’s NOT pointless to try something new.


What’s truly frightening is the prospect of missing out on the incredible life you deserve if you let these fears dictate your choices. Being brave doesn’t mean being fearless; it means taking action despite your fears.


So, let me guide you on how to act through your fear, rather than waiting for it to vanish. Fear is a natural part of life, but it shouldn’t keep you on the couch. Let’s transform it into the motivation you need to live your best life.


Personally, I’m more afraid of missing out on the enjoyment, vitality, and fulfillment that movement brings me. I don’t want to miss a single moment, and I don’t want you to miss out either. Movement is the key to freedom – the freedom to live life on your terms, to do the things you love.