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Here’s a big lie that too many people use as an excuse to stay inactive and unhealthy:


Taking action (in this case, exercising and eating well) uses time, money and energy that I just can’t afford to lose.




Of all the reasons I hear from people saying they would LOVE to get in shape but they simply CAN’T… well, this is what they boil down to.


And the worst part is, it’s just not true! I know that exercising and eating well does the opposite. Healthy habits PRODUCE AND SAVE time, money and energy. And… get this … the cost of NOT acting is far greater.


I don’t even mean philosophically. Let’s bottom-line it: People who don’t exercise and eat well end up having higher health-care costs. They miss more days of work. They must buy clothes more often. They have less energy. It takes them more time to do things.


If you practice healthy habits, you have more of all the good stuff in life. More time, more energy, and – yes – more money.


That’s because it’s an investment, not a cost – just like saving money out of each paycheck is an investment.


Think of your health that way. Everything you put into your body affects its value. Everything you DO with your body affects its value. Especially over time – like compound interest builds and builds the longer you keep making deposits.


You’re worth investing in.


I don’t just believe it. I know it.