A great philosopher once said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
It’s a good one to remember in our daily lives, my friend. Because without gaining awareness of what throws us off course, we’re likely to get derailed by the same mistake again.
Maybe it’s a self-limiting belief that broke through your defenses and convinced you to give up.
Maybe you listened to a negative colleague talk about the pointlessness of even trying.
Or maybe you went ahead and bought certain items from a company guaranteeing quick results and now feel like you wasted money for nothing.
Sure, sometimes we’re thrown off track by an unprecedented disruption. But in plenty of cases, it’s something that might have occurred in the past and could likely come up again.
The key, then, is to look back and identify the obstacle – AND OUR ROLE IN CREATING THEM.
That’s the first step to staying on track as you move forward.
I’d love for you to share what limiting belief you’ve identified and how you’ll choose to rewrite and overcome it!