In February, when we traditionally focus on romantic love and our significant others, what if we also try something different?
What about if we practice SELF-LOVE, too, in our ongoing healthy living routines?
Before I get to seven suggestions on how to love yourself more this month, I want to ask you to consider WHY you have trouble doing this. For many people, perhaps for women especially, we’ve been taught to make our own needs and desires secondary to others. We’ve been coached against being assertive or inquisitive. We’ve been rewarded for passivity masked as politeness.
Does any of this sound like you? Spend some time thinking and journaling about your background and your past relationships – how you view yourself and whether you think you deserve the life and love that you want.
Trust me when I say: You DO deserve it. And you ARE completely worth loving.
Now, about those seven suggestions…
  • Allow people to remain in your life only if they’re worthy of your heart.
  • Pay attention to how you feel, what you think, and how you react.
  • Know what you need, know what you want, and get clear on the difference.
  • Practice self-care in all aspects of your life, from exercising and eating right to making regular healthcare appointments and managing your finances.
  • Treat yourself occasionally to something just because it makes you smile – maybe a sorbet or a manicure.
  • Let yourself off the hook for whatever is plaguing you with guilt. You did the best you could. You learned from the mistake. Now move one.
  • Don’t let your inner voice say anything to you about yourself that you wouldn’t say to your best friend. You would NEVER tell her she’s not worthy of love or respect. You would NEVER tell her she’s a fool for trying to be healthy and fit. You would NEVER insult her integrity.
Treat yourself with all the thoughtfulness and respect you would for anyone you cherish.
Anyone ELSE you cherish. Because I want you to cherish you too.