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Alright, everyone. We’re solidly into 2023 now, so it’s time to ask: How are you doing on your New Year’s goals?
Studies show that most don’t make it this far. So, if you’ve slipped, can you get back on track? If you’re doing OK, do you want to make a long-term commitment?
Either way, here are some helpful points to keep in mind.
  1. You can always start taking action toward a goal. There’s nothing magical about January 1, after all.
  2. Slow your roll. Seriously. How many times do we get frustrated when we don’t have instant and total success? It’s crazy!
  3. Can you identify the problem? Maybe your work schedule exploded, or your child got sick, or you started binging a new Netflix show you can’t look away from. Take a look back and see what pops up.
  4. Adjust your plan. Again, this works whether you’re struggling or sailing. Keep tweaking throughout the year as needed.
  5. Be nice to yourself. We all stumble sometimes, despite having the best intentions. Learn what you can and apply what you learn and keep trying, or…
Remember: It’s perfectly fine sometimes to just let. It. GO. Because…
See No. 1.
I’d love for you to hit reply and let me know how you’re progressing on your goals!
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