Here’s something that really bugs me.
The way we are always told to be the best.
I grew up thinking that I had to always excel at everything. And when that inevitably proved impossible, it made me feel like a failure – also another falsehood.
It took a long time to realize that sometimes it’s best to be … well, ordinary. Average. Somewhere in the middle.
And that helped me see my weight and my fitness goals in a new light. It wasn’t necessary to have the best figure, or perform the most reps, or sweat the most during my most awesome workout routine.
What really mattered? That I was taking action every day to get where I wanted to be. Sometimes I did better than I did at other times. Sometimes I even did better than other people. And sometimes, I was just meh.
And that’s OK. That’s life.
We don’t thrive by always being The Best. We thrive by making our best effort on a consistent basis – right along with everybody else who’s trying.