Do you ever wonder, “How did I get here? What got me to THIS situation?”
Sure, you have. We all do.
It’s natural to feel that way — a little overwhelmed or bewildered about how things developed to where they are now. Life has a way of steamrolling us if we’re not watchful.
People feel that way about their health, their fitness, their diet… their financial situation, relationships, career…
But I want to tell you something super-valuable that I’ve learned about myself. The choices I’ve made all through my life – right up to today – are what created my current situation. And when I’m honest with myself, I can look back and see how one thing led to another, or how a decision became a habit … that then became a factor in how my life developed.
Sometimes it’s clear. We realize that the first decision to smoke a cigarette, for instance, can develop into a nasty, difficult habit to break. Or how sticking with a bad relationship just one time can set a pattern we will repeat.
And it’s not all negative. Maybe you started saving 10 percent of your paycheck back when you had a paper route, and now that’s grown into a nice nest egg for retirement. (Good for you!)
Regardless, we are not a slave to past mistakes any more than we can coast on our past achievements. Just the opposite! We have the power to change our situation by making new decisions, taking new actions, and developing new habits.
Starting now, every choice you make will combine to lead you somewhere new.
It’s all up to you.