Most of us were taught as kids to be generous and thoughtful of others.
But some of us were “over-taught” those lessons — to NEVER give to ourselves beyond providing for our own basics. Positive traits — of wanting to help others or to bring a smile to their faces — got corrupted to the point of neglecting our own needs and desires.
Of always trying to be a “people pleaser.”
Of avoiding the very responsible, adult NEED to practice self-care.
Caring for yourself means investing in yourself. In time, yes – but also in money. That doesn’t make you selfish or spoiled, despite what that nagging voice in the back of your mind might tell you.
The simple truth about investments is this: Your best investment is YOU. Not real estate, retirement plans, or gifts to your family.
Every dollar you spend to build a healthier life is an investment in yourself (and everyone else in your life).
Every time you take a positive action, you’re building on the future in ways that no one else can ever do for you.
Every time you reject a negative action for a positive choice, you’re building your “life account” balance to draw on later.
Your spending reflects your values and priorities.
What could possibly be more valuable than your health?