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Don’t you just LOVE having something to look forward to?
Sometimes I enjoy the anticipation as much as the actual thing itself!
Here’s a helpful trick I learned to bring more of this fun to my life, and to make it more useful in reaching my health goals. I schedule some things weeks or months in advance so that I always have something specific to keep me motivated.
Then, when I’m feeling listless or unmotivated, I look at my calendar and visualize how awesome that day can be – if I do my part now.
Think about common Big Moments like…
A family reunion
Running your first 5K
A beach vacation
Saving enough money for a down payment on a home or vehicle
The possibilities are endless. And it’s easy to see how to leave “breadcrumb” goals on the path to ultimate success. If you automatically make a deposit into your special saving account, then plan out when you’ll be 25% to your goal, then 50% and so on… and when those days come, pat yourself on the back or give yourself a little treat.
I find this a fun and engaging way to keep me motivated during a long process. It keeps my goals top of mind, and it reminds me what I can be doing each day to move the needle.
I know it will work for you, too!
Hit reply and let me know what your goal is!