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Fall is full of fun ways to stay fit.
Don’t believe me?
Here are 10 suggestions literally off the top of my head! How many can you add?
1Rake leaves into a pile and let your kids or grandkids jump into them
2.Hike through your parks, trails, and nearby hillsides.
3.Toss the football with friends and families.
4.Take the dog on long autumn walks.
5.Start a temporary workout routine to complement what you’re already doing.
6.Take daily walks, runs or bike rides in the cool, crisp mornings.
7.Visit pumpkin patches, apple orchards, or corn mazes.
8.Sign up for a fall 5K or 10K race.
9.Incorporate movement breaks during commercials and halftimes of football games.
10.Come workout with us! (OK, you can do that at any time in the year, but why wait?)
The season is one of change, so breathe in the cool air, embrace self-improvement, and seize the seasonal opportunities.