Change is hard for most of us, largely because we resist it mentally. But why?
I believe we often lack focus until we lock into commitment to ourselves and embrace the
power it brings to the process of making change.
See, you might want to create a new result in your life.
You might think about how to do it.
You might even try to make it happen.
But until you truly commit to making a full decision to CREATE WHAT YOU WANT, NO MATTER WHAT – failure will remain an option, maybe even inevitable.
Look, I’m not trying to be harsh here. But think about it. How many times in the past have you tried to create a certain outcome and come up short? You get excited to start but give up when you get too busy, or when you start to doubt yourself, or when you hit a roadblock.
We’ve all done it more times than we care to admit.
I know I have.
And here’s what made the difference for me. I realized that whenever I truly committed to pursuing a goal, when I replaced my nagging doubts with iron certainty, that my commitment then brought clarity. I relied on the clarity time and time again when my mind would wander, or my enthusiasm
would falter, or I would invariably face a setback.
For me, I needed the clarity of always knowing why I made the decision to start trying in the first place. Clarity helped create the overall vision of my plan, kept me focused on daily priorities, and enforced consistency over time – knowing that nothing happens as fast as we
might like.
So, choose your goal. Commit to it unfailingly. Return to the crystal clarity of your choice day after day after day.
You will see success so clearly – and you deserve it!
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