You probably like to think that you have integrity.
You’re proud that you follow-through and do what you tell others you’ll do … that you honour commitments to friends, family, coworkers and others, right?
But what about keeping promises to yourself?
It’s so much easier to let those slide, isn’t it?
We’ve all done it countless times.
We’ve said we’d start exercising … and then we get busy or don’t feel like it.
We’ve promised to stop being overly critical of ourselves … until we make the first mistake and beat ourselves up.
We’ve assured ourselves that tomorrow or next week or next month THINGS WOULD BE DIFFERENT… but we fail to take the necessary action to stay true to our word.
It’s all about nurturing the right mindset. Here’s how you can break this habit in two simple steps.
Don’t overcommit, even TO yourself. Set a reasonable, achievable goal and agree to take a certain, specific action on a certain, specific time to begin reaching it. Write it down in your journal.
Then pretend you’ve made that commitment to a parent, a boss, or a neighbour you want to impress — someone you would NEVER leave hanging. Show yourself that same respect and STICK TO YOUR WORD.
Treat yourself the way you treat others – and want to be treated by them.
It really is that simple. And it’ll change your life.