Building healthy new habits is so important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and reaching your goals.
But let’s talk today about the reverse: How to break a bad habit, whether it’s a mild annoyance or a serious health risk.
Research is clear that you can do it. Take these power steps to rise above.
  • Know your triggers. Traffic? Mother-in-law? TV news?
  • Plan an alternative action when they strike. Gum instead of a cigarette… Meditation instead of drinking…
  • Tell a friend what you’re doing. We all need encouragement.
  • Get further support from a doctor, therapist or 12-step group if necessary.
  • Vividly imagine how you’ll feel if you commit the bad habit. Play the tape of the last million times you did it… you know how this story goes!
  • Keep up all your good habits – and even pick up a new one to draw your focus. Stack the new one onto a positive daily step you already take so that you associate them together without even thinking.
  • Reward yourself. Did you go, say, a week without biting your nails? Take yourself out for a smoothie.
Look, I get it. Life is stressful, and we use little tricks to help us deal with stress or to bring us a moment’s pleasure, to build us up when other people (or our own little demons) are knocking us down. It’s only natural – so don’t make it worse by beating yourself up! Instead, take positive action now.
Joining a healthy community, such as a gym or studio, is super-helpful. And you don’t have to wait until you triumph over your bad habits to start exercising, eating a more balanced diet, and enjoying positive friendships.
I believe we can create new habits that then give us added power and inspiration over those persistent negative behaviours, too.
Fight the negative with the positive. It works every time!
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