On life’s journey, you face certain obstacles that are blocking you from where you want to go.
We all do.
The secret to success is removing those obstacles ourselves. We can’t expect anyone else to do it for us. That job is ours and ours alone.
I see two categories of obstacles, speaking super-generally.
First, we all have the lies we tell ourselves, self-limiting beliefs that we’re not good enough, strong enough or SOMETHING enough. That we don’t deserve health, happiness, or success. These lies are totally B.S. and, again, something we all have. I call these our “stories”.
Those who truly succeed have simply learned to stop listening to the nonsense.
Second, obstacles can present as challenges to managing our time, money, resources and priorities. Unfortunately, we only get so many hours in a day, so many dollars in our paycheque, and so much energy to devote to all our goals.
So, we have to make choices and set priorities.
If you’re having trouble with any of this regarding your health, then consider hiring a trainer or a coach to help you see clearly.
Remember, these problems are common. Professionals can help you learn how to overcome your self-limiting beliefs and how to prioritize your time better.
They can help. But it’s up to YOU.