What do Morgan Freeman, Julia Child, and Stan Lee have in common?
The actor, chef, and writer didn’t find their calling or achieve success until later in life.
And they’re not alone. The history books are full of people who found their calling in their 40s, 50s, 60s or later.
So, reflect on who you would like to become if you could do it all over again. And remember – you can still choose to be that now.
Life throws us some curves and takes us down different paths. Some people know what they want to be when they “grow up” at an early age. For others, it takes a while to reach that point – and some of us might change our minds, which is also totally doable.
The point is that life is a long journey, and it’s not over just because we take a certain number of trips around the sun.
·      If you want to improve your health, it’s not too late.
·      If you want to learn a new skill, it’s not too late.
·      If you want to change your outlook and improve your relationships, switch careers or learn to cook healthier meals… it’s not too late.
There’s no need to live your whole life all over again. Everything you’ve done got you to this point for a reason.
And there is no reason to stop now!
Do you have a dream that you’re willing to pursue? Maybe even a secret one? I’d love for you to hit reply and let me know!
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