Do you always do EVERYTHING you say you’ll do regarding your health? Every meal, every workout?
Or are you – you know – HUMAN?
I’m one of those imperfect people who sometimes manages to work out when I plan to, eat what I’m supposed to, visit my doctor regularly, and go to sleep on time.
But every time?
Come on. Nobody does that.
And what would life be like if everybody did everything they said they’d do when it comes to their health?
Would we all be perfectly fit?
With no stress?
Or unhealthy habits?
Or would we go too far and overtrain at the gym? Would we ignore friends and family to stay home and stick to our diet? Would we miss out on spontaneous joyful moments because we must go to sleep right now?
It’s nice to daydream about a world of perfect commitment. But in reality, we need to remember that consistency is the key component of healthy living, not hitting the mark every single time.
No one can follow through with every intention.
We can only do our best every day, knowing that we’re headed in the right direction.
Let’s celebrate the sustainability of smartly pursuing realistic goals — while also loving ourselves enough to know we might not be perfect every time.
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