How is it the second week in August already? How is that possible? Weren’t we just celebrating the New Year?!?!
Yes, time flies – faster and faster every year.
So, let’s take a moment to review any goals we set in over the past 6 months and how we’re doing on them.
This might reveal that you’re doing great.
Or point out some helpful modifications.
Or, uhm, well … maybe you totally dropped the ball. Which is OK! Everybody does it, and you can still pick it up and run with it. Maybe this is an opportunity to re-evaluate and notice if the goal was more complex than you thought and come up with a new plan or search out some help.
So, remind yourself of any goals you’ve set. And measure where you are today to see your progress. Are you eating more fruits and veggies? Are you getting more quality sleep and do you have more energy? Have you been able to plan those healthy family dinners and create time to decrease stressors in your life?
Don’t get down on yourself if things aren’t shaping up the way you want. Just see where you can do better and love yourself for making the effort. It’s not too late to start and move forward!
I’d love it if you’d hit reply and let me know where you’re at.

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