Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”
I agree! Do you?
It’s really up to each of us to determine our own individual success or failure on a given goal.
·     If you think you can open a business, you’ll start putting together a business plan.
·     If you think you can run a 10K someday, you’ll start training.
·     If you think you can change your eating habits without restricting yourself and move more each day then you’ll make it a priority
Seem totally obvious, right?
Now flip it around.
·     If you think you CAN’T open a business, you’ll never put together a business plan.
·     If you think you CAN’T run a 10K someday, you’ll never lace up your sneakers.
·     If you think you CAN’T change your eating habits or move daily then you’ll stay on the couch with your ice cream.
You know, so many of us carry around limiting beliefs about ourselves, these preconceived ideas about our abilities. When we say things like, “I’ve never been good at such-and-such…” or “I’m not the kind of person who wins at things,” we’re chipping away at more than our self-esteem. We’re hindering our future ACTIONS and REDUCING the odds that we’ll get what we want.
·     Think you’re not worthy? You are.
·     Think you don’t deserve success? You do.
·     Think you’re just not cut out for happiness? Guess again.
Hey, if you don’t believe me, remember Henry Ford. He thought he could change the world. And he did.

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