If I ask about your diet, you naturally think about food, right?
But what if we include all kinds of things we consume every day? What does our “diet” look like for our emotions, our brains, or our social lives?
Consider each of these categories, what you consume, how it affects you – and where you can make some positive changes.
·     Physical. This means daily movement and eating a balanced diet. Simple exercise tip: Don’t neglect resistance training (bodyweight, Pilates equipment and weight training all apply). And try this month to eat more whole foods and less processed.
·     Emotional. Take time every day to focus on the simple act of breathing, even if it’s just for a few minutes. And limit time spent scrolling social media – it just makes you anxious, fearful, grumpy among many other things anyway!
·     Intellectual. Always be feeding your brain with a book (an actual book, not on a screen). Learn something new and set yourself a new goal.
·     Social. Nurture friendships that are good for you. End those that are not. Sounds brutal, but you don’t need to consume someone’s negativity if that’s all you’re getting from them.
·     Spiritual. Say thank you for today, every day. And say goodbye to yesterday. If we fill our souls with regret, we’re poisoning the present and the future. Let it go.
·     Environmental. Go to places and situations that make you happy, and avoid those that stress you out. “No” is a complete sentence!
Remember, you are what you eat. But you’re also what you read, believe, tell yourself, do with other people, and put into the world.
Life is a banquet. Here’s to making positive choices.