As children, we are happy to take credit when things go our way – and to deflect blame when they don’t. “Yes, I did clean up my room – but it’s sister’s fault that it’s a mess again!” 

But as we grow up, we learn to take responsibility for ourselves – for our words and actions, good or bad, and the consequences they bring. It’s how we become, well, responsible adults.

But it’s also how we liberate ourselves to achieve our full potential. 

That’s right.

If you’re feeling held back and unhappy about something, maybe it’s because you’re reluctant to claim your role in it. This isn’t about blaming.Or pretending we have control over everything that happens.

 It’s about acknowledging that we’re responsible for what we do and for how we react to other people, things and events.

 Which sounds more responsible and leads to a good day?

 A)   “I wanted to work out yesterday, but the stupid gym was closed, so I drank some beers and now I have a hangover.”

 B)   “So I practiced yoga at home and went for a run, instead.” 

We can control ourselves. 

We can observe our reactions and try to improve them. 

We can stop pointing fingers at everyone else and stop playing the victim. 

Successful, happy people create their own destinies by accepting what they can’t change (other people, places, and things) and taking responsibility for what they can (their own words and actions). Once we not only acknowledge that but really embrace it – well, then we’re on our way to breaking away from fear and happily pursuing our goals.