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Tradition says we should choose a New Year’s Resolution, but I like something else better:
Why? Well, it’s simple. A resolution is usually about changing a certain “bad” behavior that’s ingrained, and there’s usually an element of punishment involved.
“I WILL lose 20 pounds” (to make up for what I’ve done “wrong” in the past)
“I WILL stop being a couch potato” (because I’ve wasted so much time watching Netflix)
“I WILL save more money” (because I’m so irresponsible with my credit cards)
Sound familiar?
A vision, on the other hand, inspires me to think … to imagine … to dream what my life can be like.
Defining a vision helps me focus my priorities and align my resources. I know I can’t do everything – and if I don’t make some decisions, I’ll just waste time and energy.
When crafting a new year’s vision, I look back at the last year so I can build on the good stuff and modify the elements that didn’t quite deliver.
What did I do well?
What brought me satisfaction?
What was more of a struggle than it should’ve been, and looking back, how can I improve on a similar situation this year?
When I think about my desires for the new year, I get to think positively and expressively. I take it as a chance to strengthen my values and put them into action in ways that serve my intentions.
This is true with everything! My healthy lifestyle habits, my fitness ambitions, my job, my relationships.
Parts of my vision change every year, and some of them stay the same. And that makes sense, doesn’t it? I’m always the same person, but I see new challenges and opportunities ahead.
I make lists of what I want in the new year, review the previous year, meditate, or pray, and anticipate (as FULLY as I can) what’s coming that can help or hinder me. I take to my journal and write it all out without pausing to edit myself. Then I go back and craft a tighter, more cohesive vision that covers as much as possible. Sometimes I even make a vision board and have found it helpful.
The point is to look at the new year with gratitude, courage and hard-won conviction that you deserve the life you want.
Because I’ll tell you this: YOU DO.