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Have you heard of the 80/20 Rule?
It’s a helpful idea to manage stress and time. It’s SUPER-helpful during the holidays, when lots of us need help remembering what’s important, managing resources, and improving how we get things done.
Here’s what it says, in a nutshell: 80 percent of the outcomes in life come from 20 percent of the causes.
Put another way, we get the most results from a fraction of our efforts.
Put another way, don’t run around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to do everything! It’s really not productive.
And I’m pointing this out during this hectic time of year because – well, because it’s so easy to get overwhelmed and stressed by the holidays that we DO end up running around like that unfortunate bird.
Because we accept as “URGENT” all those demands put on us by other people.
Because we have FOMO.
Because we don’t want to let people down.
So, take a moment… Breathe… And remember to focus your energy on the relatively few things that are going to bring you the most happiness.
If you’re looking to make different nutrition choices and are tired of restriction, diets and endless supplements we can help make nutrition simple.
We offer a 12 month total nutrition restructuring so you can change your habits and beliefs around nutrition, remember how to truly feed your body and step away from the diet mentality that creates the yo-yo weight and empties your pocketbook.
If you’re feeling like you’ve tried everything that is out there and simply started back at square one then it’s time to step out of the diet industry box and into a program designed entirely for you and based on your life, your tastes and without restriction.
We dive deep into your individual why’s around food and learn what works specifically for you. It works because it’s absolutely all about you! You become the science experiment instead of simply doing what temporarily works for everyone else. We give you the tools YOU need to confidently navigate nutrition long term.
Complete your nutrition consult today and forget about starting next year. Your time to start is now!