Tell a wise woman what you want, and she will ask, “Why?” She’s really asking about your values.
Your motivation.
It’s not enough to just WANT to be healthy, to be able to lead a quality life, to stay mobile and strong.
If that’s all it took, then we would have no health problems in a society of physically able, supple people.
It’s important to want to develop healthy habits. But without knowing WHY you want to reach a goal, you’re less likely to reach it.
So, think about it right now. What drives you? What is your why? What keeps you going when things get hard?
 Maybe you want to strengthen your pelvic floor so you can be as strong as you were before the pregnancy.
 Maybe you want to learn healthier habits before a wedding or other big social event.
 Maybe you want to prevent future health problems your parents had.
It doesn’t matter WHAT your WHY is — only that you know what it is and can clearly focus on it whenever you need to.
Then go do it. We got this.
Have you heard that we changed up our Foundations classes?
A new session now begins at the start of each month!
Only 4 weeks long, this introduction gives you a strong foundation to build a Pilates practice and be well on your way to a consistent routine that gives you energy, decreases stress and builds new social circles.
Give us a call for your free 15 minute phone consult today. Let that call be your first action step to a healthier you!