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Do you find it easier to eat right at home, compared to at a restaurant, where it’s so easy to overeat?
·     The waiter brings the bread basket when you sit down.
·     The menu is full of heavy entrees and irresistible desserts.
·     Even the salads are loaded with tons of non-salad items!
But here are some simple steps to build a healthy, delicious meal when you’re out to eat.
1.    Create a plan before you go. Take a look at the menu and decide what you would like to have or even a couple of options before you walk out the door.
2.    No restrictions – allow yourself a bit of whatever it is you would enjoy. When we set out with a mindset of restriction then those things are what we will crave and eat lots of.
3.    Order vegetables as sides.
4.    Use your hand to estimate portions and ask for a takeout container to put the extra away right at the start of the meal. Portions at restaurants can be very generous and we feel obligated to eat it all.
5.    Eat slowly and mindfully and enjoy every bite. It takes us about 20 minutes to realize we are actually full so enjoy the meal and visit with those at your table while you eat.
6.    Pay attention to your hunger cues. It is ok not to finish it all.
7.    Go for raw, steamed or broiled instead of fried.
8.    Ask how items are prepared, and if you don’t like the answer, make a special request.
9.    Share a dessert
10. Drink water throughout the meal.
You can do all of this without feeling restricted or heavy and bloated when the meal is done. And you’ll go home feeling so much better about the experience!