Picture this. 

You’ve been working out regularly and following a solid plan for healthy eating. Even despite the pandemic, you’ve reached some wellness goals – and you’re fired up to keep plugging away at the others. 

And now come the holidays, which – even this year – might mean eating with family members who have their own agendas about eating. 

Even about your eating. 

·     Maybe Mom will insist you partake of grandma’s stuffing and gravy again.

·     Aunt Marge will pout if you don’t dive into her apple pie.

·     And Cousin Bobby will call you ugly names if you don’t drink like you’re at a frat party.


If some people don’t respect your choices, well — who really cares? You can stick to your eating plan and understand that their food pressure says more about them than it does about you. Unless what it really says is: You’re living life on your terms, kicking butt, and spreading love – even when they’re making it hard.

 So, set your own goals.

Follow your own values.

And politely decline a second helping of sweet potato casserole with extra butter, pecans and whipped cream.

Explanations and apologies to no one.

 Cousin Bobby will be passed out on the couch soon, anyway, and you’ll be ready to get back to Pilates class. And of course, if you want to stay on track with like-minded, driven people, I can help.  

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