What do you dream of?

We all have deep hopes and dreams that, for one reason or another, go unreached. Often, it’s for the sake of kids, your home, or your career. 

But I’m a big believer in “AND”. 

You can have the amazing family AND a life of adventure. You can have a thriving marriage AND a wildly successful business you love. Most people think they have to choose, and it’s simply not true.
One of the first steps in bringing a vision to life is to speak it. 

We hold back on verbalizing our dreams for fear of judgement, of failing to reach them. So, I want to bring you that first step today so that you can begin to speak your biggest unfulfilled dreams into existence. And I’m going to lead the way and get this started. 

The big dreams and desires I have for my life that I haven’t yet achieved are: 

1.    Travel somewhere new each year for 10 days minimum

2.   Financial freedom by age 55

3.    Lakefront property 

Now, I want you to reply to this message/comment below and tell me yours. Once you begin speaking these things, you’re one step closer to them becoming a reality. I can’t wait to read these!

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