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No one likes the experience of feeling negative emotions.  Whether it’s stress, uneasiness, unhappiness, or disappointment – it just feels bad. And it’s supposed to. 

You see, negative emotions serve a purpose in our lives.  

They are a CALL TO ACTION. 

When you feel those negative emotions coming up, carefully evaluate what they are occurring around.  What is causing you to feel that way? Negative emotions are there to drive you do something differently in life.  If you sit in your negative emotions and do nothing, they will linger.  I

f you take action toward changing the situation, you can exchange the negative feelings for positive ones. Let’s look at an example. 

People often come to To the Core Pilates with negative emotions about movement.  They hated gym class, they are scared to move, or they feel fear of the unknown.  There can be shame, disappointment, self-doubt, or an array of other negative emotions. If nothing is done to change those feelings, do you think those negative emotions will go away?  Of course not! But if that person takes action…if they come to us, engage in our awesomely positive and supportive community, change how they move (or even just start to move), and ultimately, change their “I CAN’T” to “I CAN”, will those negative emotions change?  

You bet! 

You can see it clearly when you look at before and after photos of people who have made significant movement changes.  You can see the obvious unhappiness and tiredness in the before photo and the pride and confidence in the after photo – such an incredible thing to observe! Of course, negative emotions appear around every area of our lives.  The key is tuning into them, understanding that they are calling you to action, identifying the action you need to take to change the negative emotions, and finally, taking action! So, I challenge you today to tap into those negative feelings you’re experiencing in any area of life.  

What call to action are they giving you? If you’re open to sharing, I would love to know.