#1 thing for changing your body

Whether you want to change the health of your body, the appearance of your body, or anything else about it, there’s one main thing that’s required…

 It’s not rigid dieting. 

It’s not workouts that leave you panting for air. 

It’s not any crazy supplements or pills. 

It’s the thing that most people struggle with when it comes to reaching ANY goal – not just body-related ones. 

It’s this unsexy, not flashy thing called… CONSISTENCY. 

That’s right – practicing the same behaviours and habits over and over again lead to results for better or for worse. If you consistently eat well all week only to binge on the weekends, you won’t ever see change. If you consistently eat poorly and fail to exercise, you’ll be overweight, unhealthy, and miserable with how you look. If you consistently eat well, move your body, and indulge moderately, your body and health will start to change for the better. 

Diets don’t work because they’re nearly impossible to stay consistent with – just like hardcore killer workout plans. 

You’ve gotta be willing to find a plan for you that you can remain consistent with – that’s the path to results. In my experience I’ve also found that it’s way easier to stay consistent if you’re also having fun along the way. Based on your past experiences, does this make sense? Be sure to hit reply and let me know!

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