Look, I get it. Physical training and good nutrition aren’t like going and getting a massage or buying a fun new toy.
They require effort, scheduling, time, sweat, and sometimes a little bit of discomfort. 🙂
Truthfully, a lot of the time I’d rather skip my workouts and healthy dinner in favour of pizza on the couch.
So, I totally understand that investing in your fitness and health aren’t the most exciting things.
But there are two truths behind this that I want to share with you:
1.    You have to invest in your health. You know this. Bluntly, if you don’t you’ll deal with lower confidence, increased body fat, muscle atrophy, disease, low energy, poor sleep, hormone imbalance and possibly a shorter life expectancy. Ouch – I know.
2.    It can actually be enjoyable. It’s really about finding a routine and program that you enjoy and a community that you want to be part of. That’s one of the reasons people here at To The Core end up falling in love with exercise and Pilates.
Hilary is a great example of this!
“I practice Pilates at To The Core because of Donna. She makes you feel welcomed and is genuinely interested in all of her clients. Since starting Pilates I have noticed how much stronger my core is and I have completely changed my lifestyle/nutrition. My husband has noticed that it’s the only activity I have been able to stick with. To The Core is very welcoming and a judgement free zone. The best thing to come out of this for me is the change in my strength and endurance as well as enjoying working out without worrying about who might be judging me.”
If you want to create your own story like this, now is the moment to take action.
January 2019 - Photo 9
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