This baffles me…

This is certainly not a new thing happening only during COVID, but it’s definitely something I find more and more surprising. 

Here’s the situation: Someone reaches out to me for help and support in getting healthier. 

We talk. 

They decide they need to think about if they’re ready to invest and do the work. 

Then, they come back saying that they’re going to wait until things “calm down a bit.” 


Here are some truths: 

1.    Life was and always will be busy, pandemic or not.

2.    Health is at the forefront of everyone’s mind right now, and it’s more obvious than ever that we need to be doing something about it.

3.    The “busyness” in your life is an excuse for not doing the work. 

If you’re still eating, you can choose healthier. If you need to fit exercise in, you can do highly effective workouts at home in less than 15 minutes a day. You can walk with your family. There are so many things we CAN always do. Being too busy right now is just a lie we tell ourselves. We’ve always been busy and held onto that reason.

This is just a different version of the same thing. So, if getting healthy has been on your to-do list, but you’ve still not taken action, now is the time. Because you might literally be saving your own life. And I would love nothing more than to be there for you on your quest for better health… 

We’re currently accepting new clients for both online and in person pilates, nutrition coaching and personal training. If you’re feel like you need a nap every afternoon, are lacking energy and are struggling to sleep then you likely need to make some changes to your movement and nutrition.

Let us help you get started!

Simply reach out through this link to book your initial consult today! Now is the time. Let’s go!

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