Sneaky Roadblocks

Sometimes when clients first come to me, all they think they need to do to drop some body fat is start exercising and paying attention to what they eat. And this is partially true, especially if you’re starting at zero in your efforts. 

But as you get further into your journey, there are plenty of other things that can block your progress without you even realizing them, so I’m highlighting below.  

Any of these feel familiar?

  •      You go to the gym but don’t move much each day otherwise (ie: walking)
  •      You eat “healthy” foods but disregard portions/calories
  •     You do way more cardio training than strength training
  •    You wanted your results yesterday and are frustrated by the process (this will almost always lead to quitting) 

If any of this is sounding familiar, it’s time to re-evaluate and change things up! Get that daily movement and strength training going! Start paying attention to how much you’re eating! And please, please, please be patient with the process…because it truly is a process. 

Would love for you to reply and let me know if any of these hit home as the potential culprits of stalled progress. I’ll reply back with some suggestions to help you move forward for even better results!

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