I practice Pilates for healthy aging, strength, mobility, flexibility, and to overcome knee and back injuries. It fits into my lifestyle easily and is a good workout but doesn’t leave me sweaty and worn out. The biggest surprise in changes I noticed was the mental and emotional benefits- so much more positive now. I’ve come so far with knee/ankle/foot mobility as well as back/shoulder strength and flexibility. It’s so exciting when I realize I can do something I couldn’t before. To The Core has helped me reach my goals because the workouts are low impact and great modifications as needed. I trust Donna’s knowledge and experience to prevent injury and make improvements. Strangers even stop me and ask what I do to look so strong! This Pilates experience has been life altering and will be a lifelong practice for me. I like that I look better, but I LOVE that I move better and feel fantastic. Every day I look forward to my house where I turn off my busy brain and focus and breathe and feel my body move in a strong, controlled, way.