Liette Moffat

As a youngster I grew up with many siblings who all shared the love of sports that I do. I in turn began to love fitness more and more as I aimed to achieve the highest skill level in sport possible. I ran with siblings, did workout videos of HIIT training and Pilates with my sister, and always tried to challenge myself and others on my sports teams to achieve their goals.

As a recent graduate of the Fitness Leadership Personal Training Specialization, I am now a CSEP-Certified Personal trainer and an AFLCA Resistance Training leader dedicated to helping others reach their fitness and nutritional goals and to achieve the highest possible quality of life both in health and fitness. Through training I have come to love fitness and have developed a passion for enabling others to conquer life’s battles, challenges and dreams.

Young or old, small or big, I can help you to appreciate your body, and experience a better life, maybe that you didn’t imagine possible. I recently discovered my own need of Pilates a year ago, when even though I have stayed active my whole life, I began to experience low back and calf pain. I am very excited to plunge into Pilates and balanced nutrition and to help others to experience the benefits of a healthy body.