I know the term “addict” is not really a positive one. And the truth is, no addiction is really healthy…even ones that seem so.
So, let me clarify…
If you’ve always struggled to stay on track with your eating and exercise, it’s not too late for you.
No matter how many times you’ve fallen off the wagon, no matter how much you hate the idea of starting over again, no matter what your past challenges have been…
You can learn how to not only be successful and how to love it…almost to the point where it feels like a positive addiction (without obsessing or overdoing it, of course).
So many of our wildly successful clients have come from a past full of failures and setbacks when it comes to fitness. And here with us they have found success.
Check out Eileen’s story:
Pilates –What can I say. After almost 5 years at “To The Core”, they are an integral part of my life.
I live north of Marwayne, teach full time and am an active community member. I have 12 grandchildren whom I love to have visit and I love to watch their hockey, ball, basketball, dance, gymnastics, skipping, synchronized swimming, riding and public speaking. I am BUSY. 
However, my 2 Pilates’ classes each week are a priority in my life. I hate to miss. I am stronger, have better balance, improved joint function and a clearer mind due to these classes. I also laugh more. I have 3 friends that take the same classes that I didn’t know before I started.  
I’ve also had 5 knee surgeries. When my knee won’t allow me to perform an exercise as described, modifications are always available. Donna is quick to explain or show me how it can be changed to suit my personal abilities. I truly believe that if I had discovered pilates through TO THE CORE earlier I might not have needed all the surgeries. I know that I am going into this phase of my life as strong as I have ever been! Thank you To The Core!
2019 can be the year you fall in love with taking care of your body in a whole new way.
Let us help. Sign up for your consultation today to get started with our next Foundations class. Spots fill quickly. Class starts January 14!
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