Donna Shellenberg

I was raised in Winnipeg where I participated in a wide variety of sporting events. I excelled in gymnastics, swimming and track and field. I was certified through the Manitoba Coaching Federation to coach gymnastics.

An injury at an early age sidelined my away from the sports that I loved. I needed to find another way to move my body that brought me the same kind of joy that gymnastics and track and field had provided. At the age of 18 I began Personal Training with European Health Spa and at the College Universitaire de Saint Boniface in Winnipeg while attending University.

I moved to Lloydminster in 1990 and began coaching gymnastics here. I am certified as a Personal Trainer through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology and have a Diploma from Mount Royal College in Personal Training. I have worked as a Personal Trainer at StressBusters and at the Common Wealth Centre.

Through it all it felt like there was something missing. I wanted to help others find joy in moving and have that transition into other areas of their lives.

Pilates became my calling!

Pilates operates on many of the same principles that I have used over the years teaching weight training. Emphasis on breath, posture, anatomy and proper technique are vital for goal achievement and injury prevention. Pilates is versatile and can be applied to any sport and individuals of varying fitness levels. In so many ways it has delivered joy not just to me but to my 100’s of clients over the years!

Fitness and nutrition are new in our world (really only since about the mid 70’s) so we’re still learning everyday. I love the constant learning and figuring out how I can help someone move better today to enjoy life more tomorrow. I love the constantly changing landscape of this job that allows me to learn new things almost everyday and also be a tool for change in the world. I see where things don’t work and strive to make them better. I notice when myths run rampant and educate. My ultimate goal is for people to fall in love with moving again. To be able to live fully everyday and maintain their quality of life without constant trips to the doctor or living on pills. To help people love themselves as they are instead of only when they are a certain size. To move well, move often and live better everyday through small manageable changes for longterm health.